Lily Homemade Cakes is a home-based business that specializes in custom homemade cakes, cookies, pies and tarts.

We offer a variety of flavours, filling and designs to choose from, to celebrate any occasions.

Our Homemade Cakes
Low Fat Fresh Cream         低脂鲜奶油
No Preservatives   不含防腐剂
Low Sugar         低糖份
Using Fresh Fruits   采用新鲜水果
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Item Descriptions Weight
1 Australian Fudge Cake
filled with chocolate layer smooth creamy chocolate fudge
± 1.8KG
2 Supermoist Chocolate Moist Cake
with chocolate sauce
± 1.6KG
3 Supermoist Chocolate Almond Cake
with chocolate sauce and roasted almond slice
± 1.7KG
4 Chocolate Banana Cake
with fresh banana
± 2.3KG
5 Mango Mousse Cake
with fresh mango
± 1.9KG
6 Durian Cake
with fresh durian
± 1.7KG
7 Pandan Layer Cake
with fresh pandan juice
± 2.0KG
8 Bienenstich Bee-Sting Cake
with butter, honey & lemon coat, with almond slake on top of the cake
± 2.2KG
9 Strawberry Champagne Cake
with fresh strawberry, champagne & cocktail
± 2.0KG
10 Tiramisu
with Bailey liquor, Mascarpone cheese & chocolate sponge cake
± 2.5KG
11 Cappuccino Coffee Cake
with roasted hazelnuts & scraped chocolate
± 1.8KG
12 Hami Melon Mousse Cake
with fresh honeydew
± 2.0KG
13 Oreo Cake
with oreo chocolate cookies
± 1.8KG
14 Blueberry Cake ± 1.5KG
15 Malibu Coconut Hawaii
with Malibu liquor
± 1.5KG
16 Creamy Japanese Yam Cake
with fresh yam
± 2.0KG
17 Mon Cheri Peach Cream Cake
with peach
± 1.8KG
18 Japanese Snowball Cake ± 1.5KG
19 Mandarin Lemon Mousse Cake
with mandarin orange
± 1.4KG

Cheese Cake
1 Cappuccino Cheese Cake ± 1.58KG
2 Pandan Cheese Cake ± 1.5KG
3 Blueberry Cheese Cake ± 1.5KG

Butter Cake
1 Orange Butter Cake
with fresh orange juice
± 1.2KG
2 Chocolate Marble Cake ± 1.1KG
3 Banana Butter Cake
with fresh banana
± 1.3KG
4 Lamingtons Cake
with chocolate and desiccated coconut
± 1.1KG

1 Blueberry Cheese Tart  
2 Chicken Pie  



Chicken Pie



Cake Decorative Accessories are available upon request.

Please contact us for free consultation on designs and prices. 

Orders to be made 2-3 days prior to event.

We provide delivery service to locations within PERAK at reasonable rates.  Please contact us to ensure that your destination is covered by our delivery coverage.


Payment can be made to our bank accounts as follow
Bank : Maybank
Account Name : Chuah Paik Yok
Account Number : 1080 1046 8183

Bank : Public Bank
Account Name : Chuah Paik Yok
Account Number : 4169 23 2121
Please call Ms. Lily Chuah at 012-5057972 to place your order.

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